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Natural Treatment for Gastric Ulcers

All horses should be fed between 1-2% of their bodyweight in fibre every day to maintain a natural healthy gut action i.e. a 500kg horse should be fed a minimum of 5kg of fibre per day. When stabled 24/7 ensure they have ad lib access to one or ideally two sources of different fibre and clean water. A horse in hard work needs to drink between 10-15 gallons of water per day to ensure adequate hydration is maintained.


GENERAL FEED ADVICE – Natural treatment for Gastric Ulcers

Seabuckthorn is available in 5L containers

  • Helps prevent ulcers forming
  • Reduces pain, aids healing and increases appetite
  • Continuous natural support for horses with gastric ulceration
  • Provides extra protection of respiratory, digestive and also urogenital tracts
  • Aids recovery after drug treatments (e.g GastroGard etc)
  • Rich natural source of all Omegas 3,6,7,& 9
  • Powerful supply of antioxidants, very high in Vit C and E
  • High level of phytonutrients which control inflammation
  • Full of bioactive ingredients to promote and support digestive health
  • Reduces negative effects of stress when travelling & competing
  • Protects against free radicals, supports healthy cell structure & repair
  • No prohibited substances have been used in the preparation of any HorseSource products (as defined by the BHA and the FEI)
  • No withdrawal time required


  • Seabuckthorn (Specially Harvested)
  • HS Natural Omega Complex


After an initial loading dose of 180mls per horse per day for 5 days.
Add 90mls per day to the usual feed ration.
The 5L container provides approx 56 days normal supply for one horse.
This is a therefore a very cost effective daily protection.



  • Horses in Training, Racing & Showing
  • Horses with Gastric Ulcer Issues
  • Helping with Stress during Travel
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Maintaining Peak Performance
  • Healthy Skin & Coat


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